Diy stash box

He is the author or editor of over a dozen books on technology, DIY, and geek culture. Kris DeGraeve, of the dynamic Kris and Carly duo, sent us a link to her latest project, a beautiful inlaid box with a secret compartment. A really nicely detailed Instructable. Related: Kris and Carly dress like cake! To get MAKE, subscribe or purchase single volumes.

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diy stash box

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diy stash box

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You can unsubscribe from Leafly email messages anytime. Legal cannabis deserves a better hiding place. Enter the homemade cannabis stash box. Your cannabis stash is personal, so your stash box should be too. Before you shop, consider where you want your stash box to live.

Also, consider how much cannabis you want your stash box to hold. Then head to the local thrift store, Container Store, consignment boutique, or estate sale to find something that fits the bill.

Head to the craft store to procure any materials you desire. You can choose how fancy you want to get on the minimal effort side of things, for instance, a cool stash box can be had with as little as a sturdy gift box, old magazines, and a glue stick.

Our supply suggestions:. Great strains for sparking creativity include Kali MistChemdawgand Berry White —and you can find many more suggestions here. You can line the box with fabric, sand and paint the exterior, add personal touches inside and out, or do just about anything you want. A few overarching suggestions:. Use smaller sections, or boxes within boxes, to hold joints and flowers to keep them from getting jostled; use larger sections of the main box to hold larger items like pipes.

For example, if you plan to keep concentrates in one section of your box and flower in another, you can use green and amber coloring to indicate which section is for which product type.

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City, state, or zip code. Close search Search Leafly. Welcome to Leafly. Thanks for stopping by. Where are you from? United States Canada. Are you at least 21?Keep your prized possessions safe and hidden with these secret-hiding-place products. Got some cash or valuables to hide? Try one of these clever, simple ways to hide those items from all but the smartest, most determined crooks. Hiding our valuables is embedded into our nature - from caveman hiding a bone in an old pterodactyl's nest to you, searching for places to hide things in your room.

From covering your sweets in plain sight to super secret drawerscompartmentscrawl spacesand even a hornets' nest imitation hiding spot - these tricks would fool even himself. So, do you hate people touching your stuff? Paranoid that burglars are stalking your home? Worried about that stash of questionable material on the dark red flash drive that sits haphazardly in your nightstand drawer?

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Whatever your reasons are for wanting to keep something completely camouflaged, we've got you covered. Your secrets, together with your valuables will stay safe. A fully featured home security system and homeowner's insurance is your best defense against burglars in your home.

But even the best home security system may not stop a determined thief. If a burglar makes it into your home, they'll be on a mad dash for valuables -- and it's in your best interest to make it as hard as possible for them to take off with your stuff.

Burglars want to make it in and out of your home within minutes. They need to find the valuables they're looking for and get out before a neighbor notices them or the authorities arrive. The fact is that burglars just aren't going to go through every nook and cranny of your home to discover every hiding spot. They'll hit the most obvious places, including your living room and bedroom, and split as soon as they've found what they're looking for.

We've highlighted 13 of the best places to hide valuables in your home. These spots aren't easily found by burglars, or they're simply too much work for a thief who only has minutes to find what they want. The goal is to make finding your valuables so tedious that burglars simply give up without finding anything you truly value. Spread your valuables around these spots don't forget where you've left them and rest easy knowing burglars aren't likely to go to the trouble of finding them.

Want to add extra assurance? Consider adding fake stashes for burglars to find and move on: we've included suggestions for fake stash spots as well.

A friend of mine was recently burglarized. Their place was completely ransacked in the process and several valuables were stolen. Fortunately, a few of the most precious items were left unscathed because they were hidden away in a small storage safe disguised as a book, hidden in a pile of other hardbound copies.

How To – Make a secret stash box

Whether you want to protect your things or you just like having a bit of mystery in your home, these are the best items you can DIY or buy to keep your treasures hidden.

With the average burglar taking just 8 to 12 minutes inside a home or apartment, hiding away valuables in unexpected spots around the house can make the difference between losing something and losing everything of personal value.

Other areas such as the living room and home office will be targeted next, for easy to carry home electronics. That leaves bathrooms, the kitchen, hallways, mudrooms, and the laundry room better spots for safekeeping duties. If no one can see it, No one can find it! Concealment Furniture View all. Diversion Safes View all. Secret Compartments Decor View all. Recently Added View all. Side Table with Semi Hidden Drawer.

Featured View all. Gun Concealment Coffee Table. Jewelry Cabinet Armoire Lockable with Mirror.As a cannabis consumer, it is essential to have a stash box to keep your cannabis and other smoking paraphernalia stashed away securely and in an organised manner.

Now let us get to work to create your cannabis stash box based on your needs. Before hitting the stores for a stash box, you should consider how much space you have available for your stash box. Measure the dimensions of your open space and also consider the amount of cannabis you want to stash away in your box. Head to an appropriate store with tape measure in hand and your dimensions in mind to find a box of an appropriate size. Check through our suggested list of materials. You should note that it is not a necessity to purchase all of the materials listed above.

Compartments are great for holding your smoking paraphernalia. You can use smaller compartments for your joints and flowers, and the larger compartment for your pipes and other larger items. Now you have successfully made a beautiful cannabis stash box with unique designs.

Ideally, you get a padlock for your cannabis stash to keep the wrong people away from your box. Tin boxes are also great for stash boxes. Here are some pros and cons regarding the use of a tin box. Before buying a stash box, you should consider the features you want your box to have. Here are some key features you might want to consider. You do not need to be so skilled in woodwork before constructing a cannabis stash box. Connect with us. What to consider before making a cannabis stash box of your own Do you want your stash box to be portable?

Do you want to keep your stash box discreet or on open display? What are your commonly used tools? Do you want your box to be smell proof?

21 Sneaky Hacks For A Secret Place To Hide Your Valuables

What type of smoker are you? Do you do pipes, joints, vapes, or blunt dabs? Materials needed to make a cannabis stash box Choose a box based on your preference and availability ie.This website is informational and cannot diagnose or treat illness or disease.

Medical marijuana should be used under the direction of a licensed healthcare provider. This site contains advertisements. If you click a link and make a purchase, MarijuanaMommy. Stash boxes make great stoner gifts.

We all need a special spot to stash our weed. Buy Now. If you have kids in your home, I strongly suggest a stash box with a lock and key.

This safe disguised as a dictionary is unassuming but secure. This medical marijuana lock box securely stores cannabis. It looks and feels like an ordinary hairbrush. Stashlogix has a few great bags. This one has a combination lock and is odor proof. This wooden box for weed comes with a cannabis accessories bundle. This stash box is really well hidden.

The contents are protected by a lock and a puzzle. READ : What to do with vaped weed. Stash your cannabis behind a clock. Do people still have clocks like these? Litt makes an elegant wooden stash box. Product Suggestions Top. Jessie Gill, RN is a cannabis nurse with a background in holistic health and hospice.In the past, stash boxes were a necessity because you likely wanted to keep your marijuana out of plain sight. What the box looked like was not so important but security was.

diy stash box

The handy-minded person may want to know how to make a stash box off their own. You can easily transform an ordinary box into a stash box, but this project is far more innovative and still allows you to upcycle something old. First, you will need to find a wood jewelry box at a garage sale or at a thrift store.

The most important thing to look for in your stash box is to make sure it has enough space for all of your paraphernalia. If your chosen box has a glossy finish, use the sandpaper to create a flat matte base. Once the sanding is complete, using the white paint, apply one to two coats onto the surface of the wood box. After giving the paint a couple of hours to dry, use the sandpaper to buff away some of the paint gently.

Concealment Furniture & Diversion Safes

This will give the box a distressed appeal that looks elevated but still pays homage to its thrifty nature. Continue sanding until you reach the perfect look. You can also attach decals or painted designs using Mod Podge and then seal them later with one or two coats of Mod Podge over these to create a Decoupage finish. Mod Podge Kit With Applicators. With the help of your screws and drill, affix the hasp to the front of the jewelry box.

This will allow you to lock the box when you are away from home and is a great preventative measure if you have children in the house. Once the hasp is attached, you can then use a padlock or any other type of lock you prefer. At this point, you should have a beautifully handmade stash box with the help of upcycled components.

Antique Style Combination Padlock. You can also use additional decorations, such as glitter or stencils, to paint graphics for an added touch. For those that are experienced woodworking hobbyists and have a fully set up workshop with all the tools, you maybe inspired to make a beautiful wood box design with a fun secret compartment for your stash!

We found two great project videos that show you how We have two models from Swag Gear that are our absolute favorites for travel and at-home use, which are also both affordable.

Make It - Secret Compartment Box II

Every aspect of the Tree of Life Stash Box Combo is organic and stunning with the perfect vibes for a safe and reliable place to store your weed. Apart from the box itself, you will receive an entire bundle of items including a UV glass stash jar, a titanium grinderand a rolling tray.

To protect your bud and paraphernalia stored in the box, the entire interior of this box is lined with cushioned material. It also adds a little bit of luxury when you open the box in front of friends.

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With the addition of the lock to the front of the box, you can keep all of your accessories safe and protected. This storage method can help to keep your weed preserved for months at a time, especially since it has an airtight seal. Consuming cannabis is more than a recreational venture; it also provides the ability to explore your inner self.

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The Tree of Life design on the front of the box symbolizes strength, growth, and connection to all living things. Similar to the previous box, there are a few extra items included along with the box itself.Take these storage hacks and ideas for a secret place to hide your stash to make it hard for burglars to get them. Disguise your storage as books in this creatively put design. No need to go for your favorite books. A great way to stash valuables is to put them where no one would suspect like an air vent hidden safe.

It would really be astounding for someone to take a hold of your toiletries or even rummage and open each item in your bathroom or vanity, so that makes this deodorant hiding trick a pro. Cabinets are truly reliable storage items, even for your important stuff. Scared of exposing them? Create a false bottom area inside your cabinet.

15 Secret Hiding Places That Will Fool Even the Smartest Burglar

A visitor will not mind going through the bottom of every cabinet anyway, especially if he has gotten what he needs from a cabinet. Thus, this doorstop stash is an effective way of hiding money or small jewelry for safety. Hiding your jewelry while keeping it organized has never been this easy till this nifty hidden jewelry box came along.

Effective and creative, you can mount this in your room, bathroom, or living room without anyone suspecting. This sofa can cater to your family and visitors while hiding important items underneath. This trick never gets old. In a bunch of books, no one could possibly bother opening each one to see if you have something to hide.

From small items to foldable ones like cash or important papers, this can be your go-to sneaky stash item. We all have that hole between our cabinets that can accommodate an envelope or two. Small tip: Attach a small piece of rope to your item to take them out from the spot easily. An innocent and useful shelf on the outside, a trustworthy container on the inside. This secret shelf should be a part of your home.

It would be easy to hide away items and get them the moment you need them, or when you are confronting unlikely situations.

diy stash box

The most usual areas to search and easy to find are those that are eye level and going up, so a toe kick space is something that can be helpful when you want to hide something out of peripheral vision, literally. Who would bother looking at a VHS? No one.

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