Can you scrap a ac unit

Air conditioners are some of the most common household appliances in the country, and certainly among the most frequently purchased products on our website. Depending on the type, a good AC unit can last you up to 15 years.

can you scrap a ac unit

However, even the best ACs need to be replaced at some point. It is actually illegal to just discard your air conditioner with your regular garbage, and if you are caught doing so you will be fined. Following these steps will help protect yourself against a hefty fine — and protect the environment, too.

This is because your AC unit uses a cooling refrigerant, which can contain chemicals that are environmentally harmful if left to sit in a landfill. There are two common types of refrigerants found in AC conditioners today: R refrigerants, which are commonly found in older models, and RA refrigerants, which are found in newer models. R refrigerants contain ozone-depleting chemicals, which is why they have been reformulated in recent years to reduce environmental impact and improve efficiency per EPA standards.

can you scrap a ac unit

Like all things in life, AC units eventually run their course and stop working. If your AC unit is broken and irreparable, you can recycle it — but only after removing its refrigerant first. In order to properly dispose of the unit, an EPA licensed technician must first recover the refrigerant from the system. There are many companies that do this, including scrap yards, sanitation and recycling companies, and privately owned businesses:.

These companies often have special arrangements for air conditioner recycling and will handle the entire process for you, from the removal of the refrigerant to the removal of the unit itself. Some companies require you to pay a small fee for their services, but sometimes they will end up paying you for the scrap value of the unit.

Certain components in your air conditioner, like metal, may still have value even after the AC is old and broken. The larger and heavier your unit, the more value it can potentially have.

In fact, selling, donating, or refurbishing your unit can sometimes be the better option. Maybe your air conditioner still has some life left in it. But before you go ahead and create a Craigslist ad for your old AC, please note that any air conditioner you plan to sell or donate must have been manufactured after January 1, This is because the law requires that any AC unit that is sold or donated must contain the newer, more efficient RA refrigerant, and units built before this date will most likely still contain the ozone-depleting R refrigerants.

The EPA has called for the steady removal of all units using R from the electrical grid, so even if your old AC is working fine, containing this type of refrigerant makes it unfit for resale.People ignore the fact that they can get money from the scrap metal and often they just see it as trash or junk. The inside and outside of these machines have a value, in the inside, most air conditioner units contain non-ferrous metal like copper and aluminum which can worth quite a bit of money.

A question that many customers ask is if they should take the time to break down the unit and extract the most valuable metals or simply sell the whole thing as it is. A good thing to consider If you are going to break down the unit is getting the refrigerant extracted, the most valuable metal is the copper that is found inside of these units, make sure to remove copper lines, and also look for any insulated copper wiring.

Scrapping an Air Conditioner for Copper & Better than Scrap Steel Value

The inside and outside of these machines have a value, in the inside, most air conditioner units contain non-ferrous metal like copper and aluminum which can worth quite a bit of money A question that many customers ask is if they should take the time to break down the unit and extract the most valuable metals or simply sell the whole thing as it is.

Author Sonhy Caballero.But what do you do with your old appliance? Because air conditioners use coolant to function and coolant is a hazardous waste that requires proper disposal. Want to get rid of the old air conditioner taking up space in your home or garage? The cooling refrigerant coolant will damage the environment if it ends up sitting in the landfill.

R refrigerants are one of the most common coolants found in AC units from previous decades. These refrigerants contain chemicals that deplete the ozone layer in ways no longer allowed by the EPA, which is why manufacturers moved away from them in new models.

New air conditioners feature RA refrigerants. The damage done to the environment provides plenty of incentive to never throw old air conditioners away. As a result, there are local and state laws banning the improper disposal of these units. Get caught throwing it away and you could face a stiff fine. Old air conditioners are typically inefficient, meaning they cool your home but waste energy when they do it.

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In some cases, your state or local energy provider will have offers to incentivize local people to buy a new, energy-efficient appliance. Municipalities have different codes on what to do with these appliances. But no city will simply let you throw it in the bin without consequences. The point of contact in your city or municipality is the waste department.

In some cases, the waste department will tell you where to bring the air conditioner. However, some cities will not accept the appliance right away if it still has coolant in it.

can you scrap a ac unit

In some cases, the city will charge you a fee for disposing of the coolant. This brings us to step three.

Scrap an Old Air Conditioner for Cash

The process of removing the coolant is simple for a technician. Scrap yards are common homes for old air conditioners and other old appliances. If your air conditioner was manufactured after January 1st,you are allowed to sell or donate your old air conditioner. You can donate to an organization or give it away on your own.

Give it to a neighbor, school, or community center or find a local drive for appliances. Alternatively, throw it up on Craigslist or your local community board to get rid of it quickly and make a few bucks.

There are plenty of safe options for properly disposing of an old air conditioner. It can save you money on your energy bill or you can use it to do a good deed. It is illegal, dangerous, and unnecessary given the many options for proper disposal. Smart Home Quest. Top 10 Smart Home Devices for Solar Panels For Smart Homes. How to Winterize Your Smart Home. Google Home Compatible Products In Apple Homekit Compatible Products In Indianapolis Metal Recycling Continue reading to learn more about scrap metal air-conditioners and how to profit from recycling them.

Because air conditioners contain Freon refrigerant, it is important that they are disposed of properly. In most cases, if you want to recycle and air conditioner, you must hire a licensed professional to remove all Freon refrigerant and residual oils first. Most scrap metal recycling companies will not accept air-conditioners that still have Freon in them. This is for safety reasons.

And keep in mind, it is illegal to remove the Freon yourself. Many people recycle their air-conditioners whole, which burns them a set dollar. But you can earn more if you dismantled air-conditioner first, and then sell each part individually. Since this require specialized tools and a certain degree of engineering knowledge, most people do not choose this option. It is more cost-effective to simply sell the air conditioner as a whole.

If you have an old air conditioner you wish to sell, choose a reliable resource to earn the highest investment for your scrap metal. Popular sources for selling old junk air conditioners include metal refineries, junk yards, and scrap metal recycling companies.

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gonna scrap an old central AC unit tomorrow, anyone ever done this?

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Thread starter zanejohnson Start date May 11, Sidebar Sidebar. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. Previous Next. Nov 29, 7, 7 Last edited: May 11, Jul 2, 4, Just load it up and take it to the scrap yard. Sure some of the metals in the AC units might be worth more copper but you're not gonna make a lot of money off this. Last year we took about 4, pounds of scrap steal and iron to the yard and I think we got around I don't remember the exact amount but it wasn't a lot.

BoomerD No Lifer.Yea, just curious about what one by itself would bring.

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Here in Indiana we dont have any laws against scraping them though,if we do then they are not enforced anyway. Those numbers would make scraping a lot more appealing! Its wierd only about half of your video shows when played.

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The right half of the screen is black. I hope im not loosing another hard drive lol. Great vid! Hey -how much do you make scrapping one of those? Name required. Email required. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Air Conditioner Wall Units. March 5, at AM. MorePower says:.

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March 5, at PM. MrBlueroads says:.

can you scrap a ac unit

March 6, at AM. March 6, at PM. April 11, at AM. July 25, at PM. July 26, at AM. August 6, at PM. August 7, at AM. September 30, at PM.Remember Me? Scrap it? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 13 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. What to do with my Old AC Unit? I was wondering what I should do with my Old AC unit. I am getting a new one installed and since I own my old one, I don't see it right for the installation company to be "taking it off my hands for me", so I was going to dispose of it myself.

I have the old R Freon, how would I go about getting someone to reclaim that from the unit, since I know they sell refurbished R, as I'd been offered that in the past.


Also, what is best to do with the unit itself, take it apart and scrap it piece by piece, or as one whole unit, or call people to ask if they would want to buy it?

I would be doing the same with the furnace, but just wondering what my options would be? We always haul away the old equipmentremember its not just the refrigerant but proper disposal of the OIL, let them take it off your hands.

It will cost you more to recover the refrigerant then it's worth. Scrap prices are down let the guys installing the new one have it. The installers will recover the refrigerant. If you cut it up should be enough from the scrap yard to cover gas and a meal at Mickey D's. Oh really, I didn't realize it was as worthless as that. I assumed since the copper and sometimes the whole compressor were were stolen from abandoned homes, that it had a high monetary value.

The installing contractor is going to have to recover your refrigerant to replace your unit if it does not have service valves on it to hold the change in the outdoor unit, providing the compressor works and there is a refrigerant charge left.

Otherwise if you really want to dispose of your unit yourself remove the outdoor coil and indoor coil and line set minus the insulation and drier as one pile as you will get more for those parts the rest you can scrap, as a whole.

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They will take the compressor with the oil in it at least they took my last one with oil I usually remove the compressor from the unit.

As mentioned metal prices are down so your not going to get much, a lot of work to make couple bucks IMO. I appreciate the advice, I didn't really want to deal with it, but I figured if I was able to recoup a few hundred dollars from it, then it would be worth the effort.

If I'm going to waste my time for a few bucks, it will be more of a hassle than it's worth. Originally Posted by Jesse Chambers. We scrap what we remove. Get more by stripping the unit down, removing wiring, removing the coil and cutting the ends off, cutting out the copper tubing.

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